We are proud to annouce the Fifth Annual Michigan Beer Cup! (A Single State Competition).

The Michigan Beer Cup is a state wide tournament, which promotes brewing through education and competition. It was founded in 2010 by a group of individuals, club representatives and store owners throughout the state of Michigan with the goal to preserve the spirit of the Michigan State Fair Homebrew competition. The Michigan Beer Cup strives to continue the traditions of this competition by maintaining and growing one of the largest single state beer judging events in the country. It is a Beer Judging Certification Program (BJCP) sanctioned event accepting all of the 28 categories.

The Michigan Beer Cup Competition is a Beer Judging Certification Program (BJCP) sanctioned event accepting all of the 28 categories.

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Recent Update to the Competition:

Starting this year Andrew Moore will take over as the Michigan Beer Cup Competition organizer. Please welcome him as he transitions into the role.

Free Soda Pop Competition:

The Michigan Homebrew festival will continue to sponsor a soda pop competition and, once again, it will be free to enter. Children and adults will judge the event during the festival. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. Entries must be in plastic bottles and can be submitted with the Michigan Beer cup entries. Please register your submissions using the link provided. All soda will be entered as a category 100-A.

Registration Information:

Please use the link provided to access the registration site. Once you login, you will be able to enter your beverages, volunteer to judge or steward the event.

Notice: The Michigan Beer Cup has re-adjusted its pricing schedule back to the former cost schedule. There will be a minimum $14 entry fee that includes up to three entries. It will be $4 fee for each additional submission. Maximum number of entries per person is 6. Currently, the Michigan Beer Cup is capping the competition at 700 entry maximum.

The reduction of entries has been implemented to balance the entry load for the judges. Over the past three years, the competition has experienced a shortage of BJCP sanctioned judges. To ensure proper attention and a more thorough evaluation, we would greatly appreciate that any available BJCP certified judges help out with this event.
Number Of Entrees
Cost Breakdown
$14.00 $14.00
$14.00 $14.00
$14.00 $14.00
$14.00 + $4.00 $18.00
$14.00 + $4.00 + $4.00 $22.00
$14.00 + $4.00 + $4.00 + $4.00 $26.00
Event Dates:
Event Start End
Registration 06/01/14 07/14/14
Bottle Turn-in 06/30/14 07/14/14
Judging Session 1 08/02/14
  Check-in : 09:30AM
  Session 1 : 10:00AM
  Lunch : 12:30PM
  Session 2 : 01:30PM
Judging Session 2 08/03/14
  Check-in : 09:30AM
  Session 1 : 10:00AM
  Lunch : 12:30PM
  Session 2 : 01:30PM
Festival Dates 08/14/14 08/17/14
Awards Ceremony 08/16/14
Contact Information
Andrew Moore
Daniel Frechette
BeersToFear Registation Site Manager:
Daniel Frechette